Purchasing a Solitaire Engagement Ring - 101

Diamonds signify steadfast, everlasting love because of their unmatched strength and beauty. The versatile look of diamonds enables them to be worn with any outfit, from an elegant cocktail dress to casual jeans. It’s no wonder that diamond engagement rings are the most popular accompaniment to popping the question.

Buying an engagement ring can be an overwhelming task. Worry not, our engagement ring buying guide will make this very simple and easy!!

Decide your budget

Decide the budget for the engagement ring

There is a wide array of choices available when it comes to selecting a solitaire engagement ring. So, it will help to have an estimate of how much you would like to spend. Of course, you want to impress her and how much to spend is not easy to answer, is it? Well, a rule of thumb is to spend 3-months salary on the engagement ring. However, this completely depends on what you are comfortable with. Also, if you have any specific parameters in mind for the solitaire diamond, you can mention the same to our consultants or while making an online search for the solitaire. This will help us in finding the right engagement ring to fit your budget. 

What kind of jewellery does she like? What solitaire shape does she prefer?

Different Diamond Settings

If she hasn't made it easy for you by already voicing an opinion on the subject (or admiring someone else's engagement ring), here are a few things to keep in mind:

Does she prefer classic jewellery or modern jewellery? Does she like white gold, yellow gold or rose gold jewellery? Do her pieces tend to be more delicate or chunky? What solitaire shape does she prefer? There are various types of engagement ring settings available. The most popular diamond shape is Round but perhaps she prefers a emerald cut engagement ring or a heart-shaped engagement ring. She will be wearing this ring everyday so having these preferences in mind will help you to select the perfect engagement ring setting. Also, this would help you in deciding whether to go for a yellow/rose/white gold ring or get a platinum ring. Select a setting that you think she will like - this may be with or without side diamonds or other gemstones like sapphires, rubies or emeralds.

Then, get an estimate of the setting so you know how much you have left to spend on the solitaire diamond.

Learn about Diamonds

Diamond 4Cs

Read about the 4Cs of diamonds and select the best value-for-money diamond. Our experts will help you get the best bang for buck. Understand the different qualities of diamonds and search for a diamond according to the specifications you have narrowed down on.

Find out how big different diamond sizes will look on her hand. Buying diamonds online is a good way to save money and you will get a lot of options to select from, unlike a brick-and-mortar retail store.

Find out her ring size

If she wears rings, borrow one she already owns and find out the size. Ask her family or best friend. Getting the correct size for the right finger is important so that the engagement ring you purchase fits her perfectly. Minor re-sizing can be made later, in case it doesn’t fit well. It's always better to buy a ring a bit bigger than you think she'll need, because sizing a ring down is much easier than increasing its size. Check our ring sizing guide to get help. Also, while selecting the diamond size, you should keep the ring size in mind. A 1 carat diamond ring may look good on one person's finger but it may appear too small on someone else's finger, so perhaps a 1.50 carat or a 2 carat diamond ring would be better.

Some more tips in our comprehensive engagement ring guide to help you select the perfect engagement ring!

Select a solitaire, select a ring design and we will make sure that it becomes her most prized possession! Choose from over 1,30,000 best-priced solitaire options!