The Sarvada Design Club

The 'Sarvada Design Club'(SDC) is an initiative by Sarvada Jewels to provide a platform to jewellery designers to showcase their exclusive designs.

Sarvada Design Club"

The Concept

The idea of this platform is to promote and reward creativity and offer exclusive designer jewellery to clients.

The Platform

As a jewellery designer, you can submit colored sketches of your designs or computer rendered images- there are no rules and restrictions, it can be any diamond jewellery design. We want to promote your creativity and imagination so you are free to submit any design and as many designs as you want.

How It Works

Once you design is received, our team will estimate the price and details and your design will be displayed on your own page on the website. Whenever we receive an order for your design, we will create the actual product. Every time there is a sale on any platform where the design has been displayed by Sarvada Jewels, you will receive a royalty.


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